Thursday, March 5, 2009

what I'm up to now

Seeing that I am busy until mid-March, most of my stuff will not be updated for quite a while. I'm aware that the post on most of my blogs (except the main English) doesn't have any new posts for quite a while.

What I had done recently is updating of a forum, my YouTube Channel, IMEEM profile, and profile.

As long time readers might know, the English anime blog was originally my main blog, which itself succeeded this updates blog. Anyways, that layout you see currently was actually replaced with an another identical layout, but was buggy. That's why you didn't see me changing the Japanese version other than the colours and images. The layout I replaced with was actually base on my current main blog theme that was used for Autumn and modify the codes to remove the left sidebar and making it look similar to the earlier. If you were to click the link at the bottom of my blogs that is based on this layout (basically all except the ones with Yukari as the co-author), you would notice it bares very little resemblance to the original as I had heavily modify it.

The drawings and anime blogs (both english and japanese) need to be revamped as the current layout looks horrible compared to my main english and technology blogs. Unfortunately, I won't be able to change it for quite a while and may not even bother changing. On the english anime blog, you might notice me putting up this post. The truth behind this post is that I want to put up reviews of recent anime episodes. But I lack the time to post such things and the time it takes for me to vector or write a story eats up a lot of hours.

To my friends: Forgive me if I'm ignoring your calls or can't hear me talking. I'm not good at communicating vocally to the point that my spoken and written vocabulary are completely different. I would rather you message me than to calling. (Messaging me to call you is still considered calling.)