Sunday, December 30, 2007

Updated youtube profile

I have finally updated the youtube account layout after a year of not doing so (I think that was before Google bought over youtube). During that one year a lot of changes have been made to the system and thus, my profile is kind of hard to read and ugly to look at with outdated info. (Like most of the anime listed in the anime to watch list having already ended except bleach and hayate no gotoku, which are already 30 episodes ahead of the stated episode at the time of update) Now It looks better and mordern. I used to have an another account but was suspended because of the inuyasha videos. It used to have the highest amount of views of the suzumiya haruhi no yuuutsu ending. sobadeniyoukoso is my spare account. Not sure if I can use Google account to use youtube since the email address for it belonged to the one that got suspended in Oct 2006.

Would update MySpace profiles later.

YouTube account:

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Wireless networking

(need to change the layout once I have found a template that is compatible with the current version instead of the classic you see now. So far, I have only found the ones for the old version.)

I don't know what happened, but now I can suddenly open shared folders on my Windows XP pcs on my Windows Vista laptop. Could be an update for one or both of the operating systems. Now I can open files directly instead of transfering by a portable storage device, though the 2 wired pcs running windows xp can already access to each other.

Since now I have a wireless router and a laptop to use it, the problem now is to secure the wireless network so that people who get into my wireless network (it's not password protected; no idea how or when I tried to do so, I can't use the internet and have to reset the router) are able to edit or even worse, delete the files. 

I'm not sure which are read only and which are read & write shared folders. When I try to enable to share the folder on the vista laptop, all except "public" and "users" can be accessed while the rest appeared there, which when I try to open it, it said that I do not have enough permissions to access. I'm sure I have enabled read for that folder.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

changes (2007-12-12)

I have replaced the following banners for my blogs and profiles. (The old version is still being used at imeem as it is on a different image server than the identical one used for others)


The reason for changing:

  • The old one have problems loading
  • MySpace once had a filter (not sure if there still is) that removes anything that contains "imeem" in it.
  • lack of information on the old banner
  • old version was created in a hurry
  • people copied it
  • better readability
Also, you would have noticed that the email address has changed, friendster and myspace profile urls added (except 2nd myspace profile and 3rd & 5th friendster for personal reasons).

I'm going to make further changes by extending the right end so that it wouldn't look awkward if viewed at 1280x800 (16:10/Widescreen) at this blog.