Thursday, October 26, 2006


I just felt like posting this:
If you were here a few days ago, you may have notice that I had hidden all of my real information in all languages in white, the background colour of the section there as I have put links to this blog from various sites where huge amount of people whom I don't know (unlike friendster, which is mostly my close friends), may come here.

.            -‐ '´ ̄ ̄`ヽ、
.             / /" `ヽ ヽ  \
.         //, '/     ヽハ  、 ヽ
.         〃 {_{ノ    `ヽリ| l │ i|
.          レ!小l●    ● 从 |、i| nyoroーn
.          ヽ|l⊃ 、_,、_, ⊂⊃ |ノ│   
.        /⌒ヽ__|ヘ   ゝ._)   j /⌒i !     
.      \ /:::::| l>,、 __, イァ/  /│
.        /:::::/| | ヾ:::|三/::{ヘ、__∧ |
.       `ヽ< | |  ヾ∨:::/ヾ:::彡' |

The above is best viewed in MS Pゴシック (MS P Gothic).

By the way, In my english profile, I made most of the text in the last paragraph (below my info) in white and purposely make it in such a way that you can only see these words: gender, female, location, Japan. (The image and the SHIFT_JIS drawing are just a distraction away from the hidden message.)

jap and chinese text readability

In order to maintain readability for chinese and japanese text, normal text for those languages will be set at 3px while headers and parts that I would normally bold if it were in english, will be set at 4px. I recommend using the Arial Unicode MS font/typeface with any sub-pixel rendering (eg. ClearType) for even better readability.

I have also added profiles in japanese and chinese since I can easily refer to here instead of my wikipedia userpage in those languages. The part of the translated profile i'm not so sure about is the chinese transliteration of my name (do the characters for it have any meaning? If so, is it bad?), and the japanese translation of the name of my secondary school (Leave it as it is (ヒトデのカトリック教の中学(高校)), transliterate the english name (ハイーシングー・カトリクー学校) or use the same set of hanzi/kanji characters used in the chinese name (海星天主教中学)?)

edit (17 hours after the above was posted): I think i'll use the chinese name.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I found this youtube video posted at It's about the funny comments written for the feedback of an NTU lecturer. (eg. "If we (the students) had a moustage like yours, we can become as smart as you.")

New content

Now I have changed the image at the header and re-added text that was on the header image before the previous one beneath the current image.

I have now added some information on myself, such as the names I used on the internet. Among those names, fnfd and the1iam are the most frequently used names.

I had come across my friends' blog and saw that they link to mine (this blog) and my other friends (and more links to my friend's blog on their blog) until what I had gathered on what you see in the links section. The link is labled as follows: (name of blog, even if it is the default name or contains special characters) (full/known name of that person)

By the way, I had added about 400+ images on my Windows Live blog that I had taken from April to September 2006. I will upload more next month as i had already reached the maximum upload bandwidth for the month. Most likely images taken this month (October 2006) and the next.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Youtube account

On 5 Oct 2006 at about 4am (GMT +8), my youtube account (fnfd) was suspended for "copyright violation". The videos that cause me to received warnings are 3 Inuyasha endings (warning received in July 12 by Yomiuri Telecasting Corp.), magical hamburger (Oct 3 by Fuji Television Network, Inc.), and one piece opening (earlier today by TOEI ANIMATION CO., LTD.).

By the way, I have already create an another one (the1iam) shortly after receiving warnings for the inuyasha videos as I know that the account that received warnings would eventually be suspended.

P.S. Videos that were in that account will not be re-uploaded except for the pokemon dp ending which i had improved the audio (it was too soft).

Edit (6 Oct): I have created a new account. It is sobadeniyoukoso. (I can't think of a better name at that time) It is form the words そばで (be with) and ようこそ (welcome). So the name literally means "Welcome to being with" (the translator translates it as "it is in".)

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Learning japanese by myself

(You may have noticed that the banner has been replaced with a drawing)

I was reading an article on "Enthenic issues in Japan" (or something like that) at wikipedia. It says that Japanese don't like foreigners (westerners in particular) because they belied to be rude and impolite (form their point of view) and are more likely to commit crimes (eg. overstaying). Well, that is not surprising since the japanese practice respecting each other through their culture and language.
I remember somewhere in the article that to be able to go around Japan independently (as a permenant resedent or naturalised citizent), one must be able to know about 2000 kanji (chinese characters; hanzi; 汉字;漢字). And um... i forgot the rest, apart form North American foreigners (in japan) are the most likeable gaijin as compared to elsewhere.

By living in singapore, i am exposed to chinese language. So naturally I allready know some amount of kanji as they are mostly based from chinese.

Here are some of the japanese words I already know (in no particular order):

一 話 二 三 四 六 七 百 千 年 日 字 時間 時 火曜日 中 国 本 十 一番 上 空 星 宇宙人 人 母 前 夢 猫 英語 東京 駅 中学 日本 二学期 制服 円 木 森 水 赤 お茶 未来 海 私 人間 女 男 バス 心 山 テレビ ほら こんにちは ありがとう 漫画 三十一日 五センチ 恋 双 二人 三年前 桜 北海度 お休み 見 花 市 風 外国人 大 好き 子供 うそ 大人 ゲーム 名前 日々 高 ネコ

Translation in the order listed above:
one/1, talk/language, two/2, three/3, four/4, seven/7, hundred/100, thousand/1000, year, day, character, hour/time(in length), time, tuesday, middle/medium/inside, country/nation, book, ten/10, first/best, up, sky, star, alien, person, mother, (some time) ago, dream, cat, english (language), tokyo/eastern capital, (train) station, middle school, japan, 2nd term, uniform, yen/round object, tree, forest/woods, water, red, (green) tea, future, sea, I/me, adult, female, male, bus, heart/mind, mountain, television, now look (an expression), good afternoon, thank you, manga/comic, 31st day (of the month), 5 centimeters, love, twins, 2 people/together, 3 years ago, cherry blossoms/sakura, hokkaido, rest, see/look, flower, city, wind, foreigner, grand/big/very much, like (a persorn), child, no way/lie, adult, game, name, (several) days, high/grand/very, cat

That's all i could think off at the moment. By the way, there are some words that I don't know the kanji for or how the kanji should be red out as. (eg. は/ハ is sometimes pronounced as わ/ワ, す/ウ and つ/ツ almost sound alike and not sure when or っ/ッ is used as it is used to make the sound of the character that comes before or after it longer. eg. "ハッド" may sound like "hadou" when it's actually "haddo")