Sunday, September 27, 2009

[Drawings Blog] Change of post layout

New posts on the drawings blog now have a new way to be presented. This comes less than a week after the new layout for song lyrics (finalized draft), though I haven't added colours for that.

The new layout has the sub-header at the side instead of the top and the following text corrected:

  • Comment: This was drawn on a notebook. → *This was drawn in a notebook.
  • コメント:メモ帳でこの絵をしました。 → ※このスケッチをノートに描かれた。
  • Pencil → Pencil Sketch
  • 鉛筆 → 鉛筆画
  • 鉛筆(編集された)→ 鉛筆画 (編集)
  • ベクトル(最初) → ベクトル (初期)
  • バックグラウンドなし → 無背景
  • アウトライン → 輪郭線
  • Original Image → Source Image
  • オリジナルの画像 → ソースイメージ
Although I did mention that I won't change earlier posts, I need to do some samples for regular (v0086), posts with sketches (v0020), landscape images (v0017), and variations of the original (v0030). Minor changes to vectors mentioned recently are also applied ahead of other posts that still have the older version.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Icon changed

Icon images you see at the top left has been changed at all of my blog from whatever it was to . For anime blogs, it would be instead, the same as my Twitter image. Drawings and profile layouts blog remains unchanged.

This change is to standardize all the images and to indicate that I own them.

Note: You might see Blogger's icon instead or none at all if you are using Microsoft/Windows Internet Explorer.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Signature & Resolution changes to vectors

(Left: Old, Right: New)

(Click on images to view at original resolutions)

With some figuring out, it actually took me a while to get to this. It's like you have been always been using the same route from Point A to Point B for quite a while when you suddenly found a new, quicker, route that has already been there for quite a long time out of curiosity.

The newer one is actually based on the version before the previous that appears on the initial version of vectors v0021 to v0059, but with the date and URL font size reduced. The text is now standardized to be aligned to the center at the bottom left unless it's not feasible to do so where it would be at other corners. Multiple dates appear if an earlier pencil version, when a major change was made, was half-completed but completed later on, or if you are looking at a variation of the original.

Unless it exceeds 1MB in file size, portrait images would now have a width of 1024px and landscape ones would have a height of 720px. This is an increase from both types having 1000px as the largest length. Outlines & background-less might also increase from 500px to 1000px for the longest length. High-res versions are unchanged, PDF would still reflect the older version unless significant changes (this is considered minor) are made or done after the change.

The change of resolution is so that you can use it as a wallpaper without it appearing pixellated and the bandwidth usage for the images seems quite low.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Progress of v0086

(Info about the new blog layout: here)

Sorry about the long break: I had very little time to this, let alone update my blogs. I know the last was about 5 weeks ago and another 5 between the previous (v0085) and the one before that (v0084)

The amount candidates of images to vector from has increased, but the amount I have vectored has unchanged. The above is the amount of progress I had done so far since I started a few hours prior to this post. Although I have done this much already in a short time, it doesn't seem that I have the time to complete within the next 7 days. When it's done, I'll put it up on the same image hosting site as the other vectors in the usual resolution and update that small sidebar widget on the anime blogs, though might not appear on the drawings blog itself until a lot later.

Anyways, sfgdhjyfmjh is now renamed to v0000 since the previous name is kind of random and hard to remember. Links and some places might still reflect the old name.