Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Where my search box would lead you to now

How this thing is works is like a mystery when I first put them on my blogs about half a year ago. I noticed that people had used it, but less than 1% of them had clicked on it as it works the same way as the most popular search engine. People were expecting things relating to my blogs, but they saw things from all over the web instead.

Just a while ago, I went to the search settings and saw this option highlighted in red below:

It was on "The entire web" option... no wonder. I entered the list of site people might be searching for below and it works! Reason why I didn't notice this earlier was that I never used it myself! :P

PS. This post wasn't planned, so this is my actual final post for 2008. The previous was the Autumn 2008 review on my main blog.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Japanese Main Blog URL changed

The URL for the main blog in Japanese has been changed as follows

New: http://虹を追いかけて

Alternatively, you can use or to go to the website. The old URL will now redirect you to the English version.

Friday, December 12, 2008

rejected version of "Alternate Dimension (Part 15)"

I was going to finalize part 15 of this story and post it today, but I found it unsuitable to post as the finalize version. Here is the storyline that was rejected in quotes below:

(continued from part 14)

With the events that happened during the summer break behind us, I found myself at the little known scientific research & development building at the college area of the school campus. I don't know how long ago that was, but I'm wearing the winter uniform already. Saeko had went to the music club for practise, so I'm now all alone by myself in the testing room, lying down on the soft floor, filled with electrical devices of some sort. I don't know why I'm here, how I got here, or what to do with these devices. There appears to be a mirror on one side of the wall, but I strongly suspect that it is a one-way window with someone watching me on the other side.

I'm seem to be somewhat more energetic than what I thought I normally was. At one end, there is what seemed like some kind of a cord plugged into a computer at one end of the room. I looked down and I seem to be sitting on it. I got up, but to my horror, I found out that the wire was plugged into me, somewhere through my bottom. I tried to unplug it at either end, but no matter how hard I tried, it won't event budge. Jumping around the room like crazy doesn't help either as the computer I'm connected to doesn't even budge, although strangely, I was able to carry it around without difficulty. Did someone, with this, program me in such a way that anyone but myself would be able to remove this? The idea of me being programmed is scary.

Giving up, I went there and check if there's anything on it. Let's see... Oh! I see a drive that goes into several petabytes! And there doesn't seem to have a limit on it! But what drive is that, and why is it so big? Most of the stuff I see in there looked awfully familiar, but not sure where I saw it... Hey, my favourite music by The Clip Files is there! Let's play it!


The music player appears to be playing the song as I can tell from the visualization, but I heard nothing. I unmuted the audio and then increased the volume. Next thing I knew, the song came out of my mouth in my voice, as though I was singing that song. Musical instruments were completely absent, but if there are multiple voices saying different things at the same time, I would also hear those multiple voices at the same time too, but in my voice. I can't stop singing until the song ends or when I hit the stop/pause button. What was that?

At that moment, I heard myself in a monotonous voice (unlike when I was "singing" just now) saying "as Mamiko utters to herself". I find that part rather annoying, why can't I get rid of it?! ("as Mamiko shouted in frustration"). Gaaaa!!!!!

After calming down, I checked what else is on there. What's this "adjust settings"? Let's see... change language to this. それに… あれ? 私はなにをお話?この言語はなに?なぜこの言語は私に知ってるの?あぁー!もどて!もどって! Hmm? Oh, I didn't know changing the language would affect the language I speak in. Ha ha. Video capture shows exactly what I'm seeing, judging by infinite tunnel I see on the screen. Oh look, I see a recently created file in this very large drive. Let's move to another drive!

I found myself sitting at the computer in some room. What was I doing earlier? Let's hit the undo button and see what happens.

Woah, I didn't know moving that file would make me forget what I was doing earlier. I checked myself, it seems I am wearing something underneath this unifrom. Oh, it that "swimsuit" I was forced to wear, and my bottom is where on my body this cable is connected to, though it looked as though it was pierced through. I want to remove it because I would easily slip off when I try to sit down. I tried to remove it, but can't. Even stabbing or shooting myself would leave the knife or bullet bouncing off without a scratch. Not even a grenade exploding in my hands can harm myself. Wahahahaha! Even restraining or injecting stuff to me doesn't work! I then run around like crazy all over the room, though I can't go far because of the stupid thin cable attached to me that I can't remove.

Next thing I knew, I was knocked out. I find that a relief as I was going crazy.

Ever since my clone reappeared after she went missing during the summer vacation, she has been behaving rather strangely, sometimes to the point that it even scares me. Her eyes however, tells me that she's pleading me for help as she can't control her body. I wonder if that colleague of mine intentionally did something to make her go crazy, or did something wrong happened?

I find it hard to restrain her as she keep messing up the house like an animal and easily break stuff around the house. However, the easiest way was to just connect any kind of plug, string, pin or wire onto any part of the "swimsuit" she's wearing (but can't remove). That way, she can't remove the ends of the wire, and devices it's attached to (as long it's not hanging in the air after doing so), herself and the distance she can move is restricted to how short the wire is.

The person in charge of the place I was cloned has been away for a long time as he's involved in something with the world health organization at one of the poorest countries in the world. Sounds like he's doing a good cause there by helping the poor there with their health problems.

I typed up to there before I gave up. I know I it's long and spent a lot of time writing this, but I find it too sexually suggestive and doesn't really go anywhere storyline-wise. I tried to fix it by putting the alternative point of view below that horizontal bar (above the image in the middle), but it doesn't really help. I could put up the corrected version, but I'm thinking of a dramatic change to the storyline or starting another (3rd) story from scratch.

Excuse me while I do the v0045 vector.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Outlines of vectors to be added

Outlines of my vectors starting from v0001 will appear in the drawings blog quite soon. Exceptions are v0014, where there are no outlines at all, and v0007 to v0010, which are rejected.

When doing the ones before v0014, I would have to separate the outline from the colour by placing it in a separate layer. As the way I do the vectoring in those are more complex than recent ones, it's quite hard and time-consuming to make changes.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Technology blog layout changed

(Note: Image is 0.99MB)

I have changed the blog layout of my technology blog to what you see in the picture. The code used to make this is the same as all my other blogs, but with several changes to the code here and there.

The font used you see is "Myriad Pro", which is also used on some versions of iPod and used as Apple Inc.'s corporate font. This font is included with recent versions of Adobe Reader, but it's not installed on the PC. To do so go to a directory like "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Resource\Font\MyriadPro-Regular.otf" and copy it to "C:\Windows\Fonts". "Segoe UI" works fine too.

I'm not yet done with this yet as you can see the header from the English version of my Anime blog in the middle of the screenshot. Other than that, the blog does look nice.