Sunday, November 7, 2010

Minor Change to the Stories Navigation Menu

At the bottom of each of my posts on the main blog with the "story" tag, I have been using the following format for quite some time.

← Part 59Part 61 →

However, when I click between "Edit HTML" and "Compose" modes at blogger, this formatting seems to have been lost. Also, for services that extract my posts (including Wordpress' post, and Facebook's RSS importers), I noticed that the formatting did not appear as I wanted. To save me the effort of having to type the code again each time this happens (yes, I type the code manually), I'm going to simplify to just links at the bottom that is separated with only spaces and a "|" aligned to the center. It looks like this:

Part 59 | Part 61

I will be applying to this code when editing earlier parts that would cause the above to happen since there are too many to edit. If you search deep enough you might come across the version before the previous where the link for the previous part is at the very top.