Thursday, April 28, 2011

Backgound image changes

The background of my main blog in English has changed to an image taken in Ikenohata, Taito-ku in Tokyo, which was the same image previously used on my Twitter profile. This has yet to be applied to the Japanese version.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What I went through while Writing "Alternate Dimension" Part 67 & 68

  1. Writing....
  2. Thinking of what write while staring at "Footsteps of someone wearing high heels were heard, followed by the sound of the front door being unlocked."
  3. Had an idea
  4. Midway through writing, my body wanted to touch itself for some odd reason
  5. didn't want to, but the urge made me unable to think straight
  6. couldn't stop myself and it got more intense
  7. I felt something liquid came out of me
  8. it stopped and I regain consciousness, but drained my energy to resume writing and breathing heavily as though I had been running
  9. fell asleep
  10. woke up and went out of the house
  11. arrived back
  12. didn't felt like writing for some time
  13. continued writing. Moved the latter part of part 67 to part 68.
  14. Published part 67
  15. Wrote some of part 68
  16. Got distracted and wrote the end review of winter anime
  17. got distracted again an wrote part 1 of the spring preview
  18. Published "Spring 2011 Anime Preview Part 1"
  19. Had work on the most of Friday
  20. Published "End-Winter 2011 Anime Review" 
  21. Made a new avatar for Twitter
  22. Wrote and published "Spring 2011 Anime Preview Part 2"
  23. Went to a museum the whole afternoon
  24. Reached home and continued writing Part 68
  25. No.4-8 happened again while writing (I find it irritating)
  26. Decided that the part after the "End of a chapter" text aligned to the center in Part 68 be moved into Part 69
  27. Published Part 68, finally. Almost 2 weeks after no.13