Sunday, December 30, 2007

Updated youtube profile

I have finally updated the youtube account layout after a year of not doing so (I think that was before Google bought over youtube). During that one year a lot of changes have been made to the system and thus, my profile is kind of hard to read and ugly to look at with outdated info. (Like most of the anime listed in the anime to watch list having already ended except bleach and hayate no gotoku, which are already 30 episodes ahead of the stated episode at the time of update) Now It looks better and mordern. I used to have an another account but was suspended because of the inuyasha videos. It used to have the highest amount of views of the suzumiya haruhi no yuuutsu ending. sobadeniyoukoso is my spare account. Not sure if I can use Google account to use youtube since the email address for it belonged to the one that got suspended in Oct 2006.

Would update MySpace profiles later.

YouTube account:

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Wireless networking

(need to change the layout once I have found a template that is compatible with the current version instead of the classic you see now. So far, I have only found the ones for the old version.)

I don't know what happened, but now I can suddenly open shared folders on my Windows XP pcs on my Windows Vista laptop. Could be an update for one or both of the operating systems. Now I can open files directly instead of transfering by a portable storage device, though the 2 wired pcs running windows xp can already access to each other.

Since now I have a wireless router and a laptop to use it, the problem now is to secure the wireless network so that people who get into my wireless network (it's not password protected; no idea how or when I tried to do so, I can't use the internet and have to reset the router) are able to edit or even worse, delete the files. 

I'm not sure which are read only and which are read & write shared folders. When I try to enable to share the folder on the vista laptop, all except "public" and "users" can be accessed while the rest appeared there, which when I try to open it, it said that I do not have enough permissions to access. I'm sure I have enabled read for that folder.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

changes (2007-12-12)

I have replaced the following banners for my blogs and profiles. (The old version is still being used at imeem as it is on a different image server than the identical one used for others)


The reason for changing:

  • The old one have problems loading
  • MySpace once had a filter (not sure if there still is) that removes anything that contains "imeem" in it.
  • lack of information on the old banner
  • old version was created in a hurry
  • people copied it
  • better readability
Also, you would have noticed that the email address has changed, friendster and myspace profile urls added (except 2nd myspace profile and 3rd & 5th friendster for personal reasons).

I'm going to make further changes by extending the right end so that it wouldn't look awkward if viewed at 1280x800 (16:10/Widescreen) at this blog.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

dling anime images from ?-chan

I download my anime images at (Danbooru),, and Note that the 2nd is in japanese and the 4th in Korean. Among all the images that appear there, I don't download the ones I have seen too many of (Touhou, Lucky Star, Vocaloid, ???-tan, etc.), old images (mostly before 2006), ones I already have, decipt "strong adult content", and of course, (what i see as) ugly.

Among what have already downloaded, the nicest ones would appear on friendster image gallery and my imageshack profile, which is also used as my friendster profile background.

Danbooru: Recently, I have noticed that there are more ads on the site. One of them has adult content. Prior to about March 2007, you were able to create an account (which was on a different domain back then) and access to images with restricted tags and easier search. Now, all the accounts are deleted, porn removed (which means that they would be paying lesser for bandwidth) and no way to create new ones.

2chan/4chan: All in Japanese (except for 4chan, which is in english). Has a lot of nice photographs (mostly japan/north america/europe), sex-related images, edited images (like a certain guy's face placed on top of a woman's face; no idea why), drawings, trains, motorcycle, baseball, food, news/anime screenshots (with inapproiate comments), insulting of the koreans (for whatever reason. Maybe its because their names appear in ending credits of anime), talking nonsese, and beautiful girls. Hidden among all that junk are nice anime illustrations/graphics. Do note that the images do not stay for long: they are deleted from between 3 hours to 2 weeks, depending on the board. Except for certain boards, IPs from outside japan cannot comment/post on the boards, though they can view them. A korean based website (e-shuu shuu was based on this) in forum style with high-res/wallpaper images that you would not find on sites mentioned above. The last I checked, there were about 4000+ pages with about 5-10 post on each (with the latest appearing on the 1st page). Images are added so regularly (especially between 4pm-2am Korean time/UTC+9) that when you go to the next page, some of the images you saw on the prevous page would appear on the page you are at. Also, since the images are not thumbnailed, that would mean waiting for a long time to load all the images on each page if you have a slow internet connection (about 512kbps or slower; 5Mbps or higher is recomended). As of 4 November 2007, the site appears to be experiencing server problems. An extract from the site regarding the problem:

모에보드 작업 중 사고에 관한 안내

모에보드를 사랑해주시고 아껴주신 여러분들께 감사의 말씀을 드립니다.
이번 커뮤니티 업그레이드를 위한 서버 공사 중 메인게시판의 데이터가 손실되는 사고가 발생하였습니다.
그로 인해 지금까지 작성되었던 수많은 게시물들이 날아갔으며, 또한 메인게시판의 서비스를 잠시동안 제공해드리지 못하게 되었습니다.
그로 인해 이용에 불편을 끼치게 된 점 사과드립니다.
현재 커뮤니티는 정상적으로 서비스 되고 있으며, 아래의 링크를 이용하시면 커뮤니티로 이동하실 수 있습니다.
곧 오픈 될 모에보드 시즌2에서는, 좀 더 빠르고 편리한 이미지 공유 및 활동을 하실 수 있도록 여러가지 불편한 점을 고쳐 새롭게 등장하도록 하겠습니다.
다시 한번 이용에 불편을 끼쳐드린 점 사과드립니다.

2007.10.26 운영진

It appears that I am banned from when I just clicked on the 1st image upon entering the site. It doesn't say how long or the reason, it just says "YOU ARE BANNED!" and nothing else before redirecting back to the main page. It can't be an April fool joke, can it? Or is it a misleading page when you encounter a 404 error? Either way, is no longer my primary source of anime images before the incident occured.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Some technical problems

I tried updating the media box of my 3rd friendster profile (I update the one there before updating my other profiles), but the changes don't seem to be reflected.

Changes in this update are:

  • adding "神霊狩/GHOST HOUND" and its episode number to the anime watch list.
  • updated episode number for "Higurashi no Naku Koroni Kai", "Goshusho-sama Ninomiya-kun", "Clannad", and "Shakugan no Shana Second".
Speaking of updates, sorry for not updating the anime watch list on my blogs. :P
There were many new and interesting Autumn anime to watch.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

スクールデイズ 最終話 / School Days final episode

(this came from ときめきの日々 / Tokimeki no Hibi)

京田辺市・京都で斧を使用している彼女の父の上の16歳の少女による攻撃のために、「スクールデイズ」の最後話を全日本テレビのネットワーク(未確認のAT-Xを除いた)の向こう側に先取りして、ノイシュヴァンシュタイン(ドイツ)の風景、ドイツの28分に取り替えます。最終回が後者の期日に放送するかどうかが不明瞭です。何が最後話で起こるかを見つけるのを望んでいました… (-_-)

Because of an attack by a 16-year old girl on her father using an axe in Kyotanabe, Kyoto, the last episode of "School Days" was preempted across all Japan TV networks (except AT-X, which is unconfirmed) and was replaced with 28-minutes of scenery of Neuschwanstein, Germany. It is unclear if the final episode will air at a latter date. I was hoping to find out what happens in the last episode. :(

投稿者 高橋ゆかり 場所 22:59:00 0 コメント

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Annoying people on the internet

Forgive me if I hurt anyone's feelings, but i got to say this and not mention names.

The 1st person is already mentioned earlier somewhere. The one who copied everything from what i said to the images I uploaded. Now that person is still copying from me. Here is an extract from his chatbox dated 28 July while chatting with Annon1 (which is not me):

I don't really think that guy called [my real name], thinking that I was copying so suspiciously. I really don't knoe about his character.

The 2nd person, at first, went of well and was one of the few people who comforted me when I said that the 1st person was copying from me. It started back on 28 March 2007. I forgot what exactly happened but he (not sure if he's from the Philippines or Alaska) added me to the account mainly for my real-life friends and my other accounts. Some time later in late August, someone under the same name with a different account and a SOS-dan logo (i suspect it's the same person) sent the following messages from that account on the same day:
Message 1 title: s
Message: s

Message 2 title: ...
Message: ...

Message 3 title: Ok I'll tell the truth of my Identity
Message: Before that are mad at me?
Answer this!!! only huh [my real given name] nee-chan

Sorry about this

(Cause you did not ask that's why)

Name:Eric John L. Recustodio
Birthday:October 10, 1992
Year:11th grade high school

My Research About you is this...
From the clue I got you are
Name: [my real full name]
Birhtday:August 5, 1990 (you got the year wrong)
Age:18 (how can I be 18 if you say i'm born in 1990?)
wakkanai (Northernmost part of Hokkaido, Japan. Which is wrong)

Message 4 title:My info about you
Message:Kuso you really don't know what I mean do you? I just want to be your friend don't you understand friend?
You are careful,selfish,doesn't trust me,only trust yoyurself,etc
now I made up my mind I don't wanna go here again...
you I already have a japanese classmate here already
I hope you understand
you can't be a friend to me


(How the hell did you come up with that conclusion by me not talking to you? I am already busy with my life.)
A day after the above message, I removed him from from my friend list. About a week later, he sent this message:
Message 5 title: That's it that's what I'm looking for
Message:well i guess I'll say it to you my reasonings
first- the email I sent to you has a bad words right ,I sent it to make you mad
I just want to see If you really have trust on me, so I want to say If you forgive me you have a good personality
you can forgive others do you

If not maybe you don't have a chance to forgive me
(For what happens I just really want to test you so I want to see If you are)
(I really don't know why I'm still here you now, I don't understand)
(For all what I did I'm really sorry,maybe I hurt your feelings)
Yeah, right. Like I believe you. And why the hell are you sending from that account and not your main account? Are you telling me that you are a copycat or a coward?
After that, I blocked him (the account he send the messages from) and rejected friend request. I also suspect the person by the name Romeo is the same person based on the long hometown name in the Philippines.

If you look at the chatbox placed on my blogger blog (here), you might see them posting messages there.

Friday, August 3, 2007

new drawing

After not drawing for quite some time (the last was on April 22) due to school related things, handling 6 Friendster and MySpace accounts and some time after a certain incident, i had put up a scan of a new drawing I had just drawn.

(by the way, my birthday is this Sunday, August 5)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

i really didn't want to post this but...

i really didn't want to post this but this has gone too far for me to ignore.

This guy by the name of Uchiha Sasuke (, Akaza Zala ( and Hayate Haramoto (, has been copying me from the way i phrase words to the images i upload there. I don't know what to do with him...

Image 1: This is the myspace profile mentioned above. It is only viewable if you are "friends" with him. The things he copied is quite obvious.

Image 2: This is my myspace profile. As you can see, that box below the display image is supposed to be in the MS PGothic (MS Pゴシック) with the background transparent (may appear blue-ish if viewed in Safari (Apple) browser) and saved in PNG format. In Image 1 you can tell that he edited it and typed the name different from the display name and saved it in JPEG format, which means a loss in image details (due to compression) each time it is saved in that format.

Image 3:A closer look of Image 1. This guy copied the same text as me (and box, which is mentioned earlier) and has the nerve to call my drawings as his.

Image 4:He also copied the list of anime i am watching currently (though the shows are slighty different and most of them are not of current anime/episode). The japanese text were originally saved in GIF in with 35px with Terbuchet MS in paint. He rezized it to height to 50px and created more in the same height but in a different font (most likely Arial Unicode MS). After I first noticed that he copied me, I used a vector program instead of MS Paint, changed all the stuff to what you see in Image 5.

Image 5: "Anime watch list" in the media box on my 3rd friendster profile. As you can see, the background for the japanese text is transparent and can see the background image through it. (if entered as text instead, it would convert to some code or to ?'s).

Image 6: In addition to Image 3, he also put my drawings even after I reuploaded them. (the earlier ones did not have the date and the website url). If you are curious on what was on the blog on that image, go to:

Image 7: The zoomed out version of Image 6. Loacted between Image 1 and Image 4. You can see that he posted more of my drawings (and none of his own) on the profile.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New Summer 2007 anime

New Summer Anime: (in the following order)
Row 1: Zombie-Loan, Code Geass: Leauch of the Rebellion (Episode 24,25), Buzzer Beater, Mononoke, Botomuzu
Row 2: Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei, Higurashi no naku koroni kai, Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no Kishi, Dojin Work, Moe-tan
Row 3: Umishiyo, Nanatsuiro Drops, School Days, Code E, Botemayo
Row 4: Shigerui, Baccano, Mushiuta, Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpucho: Tou 2nd Act, Happy Happy Clover

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

2nd day, 5th month, 2007th year

(Lucky Star was featured in the June 2007 issue of Newtype Japan)

Okay, i know i have not been updating my blogs lately. i just don't feel like updating and not to mention that i have school (holiday is in june/july) and have many different profile and blogs to maintain, i regularly update those at friendster. At, I received a very long list of friend requests. As it already reached the 1000 friends, I had to delete those with non-anime/japanese related display images but still accept at the other 2 accounts until either reaches the 1000 limit. (btw. the link to my MySpace profile can be found in my 3rd friendster profile).

Note1: I have dropped "Nagaserete Airantou" as at episode 8. I'm sick of seeing 19th century japan-like environment and nosebleeding comming from the only guy on the island. (the rest are females and odd looking animals and plants)

Note2: ODEX is the devil for being the only legal anime distributor here and provide low quality video and subbing.

Note3: It seems that only 2/3 of the anime i watch now (out of 8, more if you count those i have watched before) are licensed by ODEX. They are "Idolmaster Xenoglossia", "Darker than BLACK" and "Nagaserete Airantou". (oddly enough, even though "School Days" hasn't started airing in japan yet (though they have released a preview in 2005), they have already licensed it)

Note4: Seems that some poor guy has been caught for ilegally downloading anime (go to and look for blog entry around end-may/early-june 2007). Looking at the scan/pdf of the letter (dated mid-may 2007), it seems that person download subbed version of bleach and inuyasha from DB (dattebayo) and whatever site/groups i don't download from for the month of february of the same year.

Note5: Don't download subbed anime, especially popular ones ;) (hint hint) If you want to watch the subbed one and not support ODEX, buy those R1 DVD ones.

Note6: in the letter mention in note4, none of the downloads that "violate" (can't verify if the orginaisation the letter is from is legit) contains raws or non-latin based charaters. though i'm not sure about those sent to other people.

Note7: None of my friendster profiles contains my real name, including my main (3rd) acc. (though you need to add my real given name as the last name or 1 of the few email addresses with my real name in it to add me)

Note8: So long.... -_-

Note9: That list is updated already.

Note10: I don't like the climate in Singapore: Hot tropical climate (no winter), small land area (=dense population and expensive houses. a 5rm (200sqm)apartment (with minimal/no furnishings btw;) is already around SGD 300,000 (SGD1.5=USD1) and single houses in the 1mil range. Houses in the suburbs of other developed countries are barely even 50,000 and the size is larger.), might emigrate one day (most likely around 2018)
Note11: I want to marry someone from japan, move there and change my name and surname

Note12: Trying to understand japanese including both spoken and written.

Note13: You might have noticed that this post has minor changes as compared to those i posted at the other blogs (and the Japanese Language version too)

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Japanese animation in Singapore

I was in Singapore the other day and noticed that the only anime that people talk about is "Naruto" and "Bleach" and whatever anime that airs on Animax (a cable/satellite channel that is headquartered in 港区 inside 東京都) and free-to-air channels. The only thing I saw on TV and the TV schedule was anime that I would consider "outdated" and "boring" (Pokemon, Prince of Tennis, Detective Conan) or where the subtitles and/or dubs spoil the anime (and maybe the video and sound quality too). If you look at "Anime I'm currently watching" at the side of this blog, you would notice that most are very new. So new that the episode mentioned there was aired in Japan less than a week ago.

I'm not sure if I have mentioned this earlier (could be on my Windows Live Spaces or Yahoo! 360 blog, not sure where) but there is only 1 distributer (Obdex or something like that) for anime and the quality (packaging, media used, video & audio quality, subtitles, language channel) is bad. Also, unless you look at certain branches of specialized stores (normally inside the large branches / located in a major shopping district), the manga found in Singapore are either English or Chinese translated versions and not the original ones. Note: The page ordering for the English verison is most likely to be reversed from the Japanese/Chinese verison. Name ordering is also reversed: Family name followed by given name. (Strangely enough, Chinese and Korean names are left unchanged unless they have a western name, in which the order could be: western given name followed by surname and then the given name in hanyu pinyin)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

URL changes

I was navigating to when I saw a guy that is not me. (urls on MySpace cannot be changed). Also, a few months earlier, while searching for fnfd on youtube, i saw a video of a fire bridgage putting out a fire. On search on google, it turns out that FNFD means ??? ??? Fire Department and also something that has to do with stock market. Since my nick was not original to begin with (fnfd was shortened from flyernofoolsday (which itself is shorten from "a flyer which is not a fool on a day"), a name i used on neopets), I might as well create a new one from scratch. The new urls are based on the display name of my friendster accounts at time of typing. (1st: ' ' ' ' Konomi Fujimiya, 2nd: ' ' Yukari Fujimiya, 3rd: Yukiho Horie)

So here are the changes that uses the following:

fnfd -> fujimiyayuki
the1iam -> yukarifujimi
(asuna888 is unchanged)

Therefore, new accounts and places where the display name and/or URL can be changed, are with effect from 13 April 2007 (Friday). Note that some of the links still points to the old ones.

(8 September 2008 edit: Please refer to this post for further changes)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Changed back the layout

(feeds of this blog is at
[[Anime related blogs at http:

New batch of drawings. (12 March 2007)

New Anime (March - July 2007) (6 March 2007)]]

I was looking at the changes between the "new" layout and the layout before that and found that the previous layout was better. It just needs some minor changes. What further prompted the changing back to the previous layout was that I was viewing my profile at YouTube (which I hardly go to lately, due to YouTube/Google removing "infringing" videos and the quality of audio and video is lower), when I remember that a code is needed to make the background which I could apply to here (under the older version). What I need to do now is to somehow make the title of posts appear instead of just the date or having to check the arcives or rss feed and also update the "Anime I have watched" and "私が最近見たアニメ" on all of my blogger blogs (as a rough guide, the shows in that list are the most recent (unsubbed) episode)

(I'm not sure if using #XXXXXX as the colour code at YouTube to make the background transparent still works. I forgot when it was last edited but I know that it's before December 2006.)

Thursday, March 1, 2007

New blog layout

I found the prevous layout very boring and ugly, so I decided to use this new layout and make changes to it. This layout only works only on the old layout of blogs of (created before 19 December 2006 and had not upgraded). So, if you want to look for a new layout for your blogspot, pay attention to the date when the template was posted.

Note: The other 2 blogs ( and are under the new layout. Go there to find the links that were here until i've finished with the new layout) I will make some modifications in the near future like hosting that image (or other images that fit the style of this page) on imageshack, make the area where the posts are wider.
If I have the time, this may not take too long to be done. (ps. The images and youtube videos in earlier posts may need to be readjusted)

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Anime I should look out for in the future (2007-02-24)

These are anime I should look out for in the future (as at 24 February 2007). Whether I will watch through the entire season or only the first few episodes depends on the storyline, visual art and so on. The ones below are based on the storyline (if any) and promotional image at and Wikipedia. The exact amount I will watch depends on time constraints with my school (eg. homework, exams), found that the ones listed below is boring and decided to stop watching. I may watch what is not listed below mainly due to the lack of information at time of typing. What I have typed at this post on my other blog may also apply to the below. (Note: Movies are not listed here)

That is all I could find there. There are rumors about the second season of The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi (涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱) because it's official website has changed around December 2006 just like it was when 涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱 was still airing on Japan's TV networks. An infamous example was when the SOS団 logo was messed up along with text on that page. Later on the page was fixed and the logo was changed to ZOZ団.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Friendster media box

This is a test to see if the HTML in the media box of my profileworks properly outside friendster.
(2007-03-02 edit: video resized to that found on my profile to fit the new layout.)


Kyosho to towa no sora opening theme: "Cross*Heart" by CooRie

京四郎と永遠の空 ED 「微睡みの楽園」歌 Ceui

Kyosho to towa no sora ending theme by Ceui

月面兎兵器ミーナオープニングテーマ:『Lights, Camera. Action!』HALCALI

Getsumento Heiki Mina Opening: "Lights, Camera. Action!" by HALCALI


Nodame Cantible Ending: "" by


Negima!? Opening: "1000% SPARKLING" by Rina Satou, Akemi Kanda, Ai Nonaka & Yu Kobayashi

シャフル!オープニングテーマ: 『YOU』 ALAI

Shuffle! opening: "YOU" by ALAI

のだめカンタビールオープニングテーマ:『Allegro Cantabile』 SUEMITSU & THE SUEMITH

Nodame Cantible Opening: Allegro Cantabile by SUEMITSU & THE SUEMITH

More videos can be found here.

Anime I've watched recently:

Code Geases: Reaulch of Rebel (Episode 18 of 25)

Negima!? (Episode 21 of 26)

Tokimeki Memorial -Only Love- (Episode 20 of 24)

Death Note (Episode 20 of 37)

Shuffle Memories (Episode 6)

Kyoushirou to Towa no Sora (Episode 6 of 12)

Getsumento Heiki Mina (Episode 6 of 11)

Nodame Cantabile (Episode 8)


コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ (18話/25話)

ネギま!? (21話/26話)

ときめきメモリアル Only Love (20話/24話)

デスノート (20話/37話)

シャフル! memories (6話)

京四郎と永遠の空 (6話/12話)

月面兎兵器ミーナ (6話/11話)

のだめカンタビル (8話)

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Subbing complains

I have recently been busy making subtitles. I type the text from an already subbed version by a group then add the subs to a raw (unedited; usually to a higher quality ver). The reason for doing it is the one subbed by a group have hardsubs (espically the opening/ending) and cannot be removed. Next, even if there are softsubs, the op and ed and some scenes is still in hard subs (for most groups these days. Exceptions (everything including op/ed, credits of ppl who did the subs)include POGO (which, unfortunately translates only from Japanese to Chinese). Obvious
examples include the 1st episode of "Saint October" (Jan 2007) by Ryoumi subs (though another group did a better job): The ローマ字 (romanised japanese) for the opening; an annoying waving text that goes to the next line every japanese word (about 3-7 in romanised form) in a poor attempt to follow the japanese text (which is hard to copy btw). Next, group subs that put some image before the video starts (which means that the timing is pushed back) and even more annoying if that thing appears and the audio of the actual video is heard only and only appears a few seconds later. Examples include スクルーランブル二学期 (1H 2006-3Q 2006) by yourmom subs (that's the name btw and another subbing group stopped subbing until ep 9 (of 24) due to it being licensed by some US company though yourmom continued until the end [i heard people saying US=the world]. They post random photos from lamposts to cats), N・H・Kにようこそ! (3Q 2006-4Q 2006) by toybox (the part about hearing audio only applies to this; one of the main female charaters on an orange background with text of ppl who did the subs and their IRC channel). Fortunately, another subbing group is doing it and the fonts are better. next, SHUFFLE! memories (1Q 2007) by ayako (or something like that). A picture of a featured charater (from the game or a CG art; the former is likely) appeared before it starts (there are no japanese text; only the romaji and english translation for ep 3 btw). ep 4 is worse: that image along the audio of the original video appeared until the first line of the song begins. I'm not sure if the following is done by the same group but the OVA of はぴねす! (DVD raw was released on the 1st week of January 2007) starts off with an alien looking outside (from the inside) on a planet (the scenery is something like at the moon). Speaking of that episode, it involves Wasare Jun (who dresses and behaves very much like a girl) and one of his close friend/classmate (i think his nam is yuma) being turn into a real girl after being hit by combined spell that resulted by an accident, got hit. Jun went to the toilet after it happened since jun felt something strange with jun's body. Jun notices "those things" from the chest and "that thing" missing from Jun's bottom (Jun got hit directly but the latter was right next to Jun when it happened. Therefor no one noticed until Haruhi (another classmate) notices that yuma didn't go crazy over Jun (by which the spell is removed) unlike all the guys in the school and then notices "those things". Afterwards, the madness that happened to Jun (being chased by all the boys in school, although that didn't happend to jun immedately) happens and that is where the episode ends. The entie episode focuses on jun by the way).

ps. I don't know how to extract the subtitles from videos (mkv) containg softsubs. If i did, i wouldn't go through this much trouble. I plan to do Negima!? (1024x756 (although the 640x780 version is aired earlier); done ep 1-5, 6 in progress), SHUFFLE! memories (used 1280x720 but found no difference in video quality as compared to 704x396 when viewed in full screen at 1024x768.; only ep 4) and Kyoushiro to towa no sora (640x360; havent started).

[Feb 2 edit: I think I will also do のだめカンタービル (1280x720)]
[Feb 9 edit: Decided to put 京四郎と永远の空 on hold as there is only 1 episode at 1024x768 (by AniMa-RAW) while the remainding episode by many other RAW providers are at 640x360. The video with subs by Ayako (the same group that did SHUFFLE! memories, only without images appearing before the video) seem to clearer/sharper than the one by other RAWs of the same resolution. I guess i'll wait until the DVD rips are avalable.]

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

it's been a while

I haven't really disappeared even though I don't have school from November 2006 until April 2007.
The truth is that i have been updating my other 2 blogs and my friendster accounts regularly. (Strangely enough, I have posted anime related posts there) Also, i have been playing PangyaSEA and been watching several different anime.

Now I have made some changes like changing the image at the top of the page (as you have noticed), updated the anime i had been watching (including the ones on my other 2 blogs) and added more images to the gallery.

Hopefully, the next one wont take too long. The post before this was posted 47 days ago, which was the early part of December... :P

Oh, and Happy belated Christmas and New Year. :P