Thursday, March 15, 2007

Changed back the layout

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New batch of drawings. (12 March 2007)

New Anime (March - July 2007) (6 March 2007)]]

I was looking at the changes between the "new" layout and the layout before that and found that the previous layout was better. It just needs some minor changes. What further prompted the changing back to the previous layout was that I was viewing my profile at YouTube (which I hardly go to lately, due to YouTube/Google removing "infringing" videos and the quality of audio and video is lower), when I remember that a code is needed to make the background which I could apply to here (under the older version). What I need to do now is to somehow make the title of posts appear instead of just the date or having to check the arcives or rss feed and also update the "Anime I have watched" and "私が最近見たアニメ" on all of my blogger blogs (as a rough guide, the shows in that list are the most recent (unsubbed) episode)

(I'm not sure if using #XXXXXX as the colour code at YouTube to make the background transparent still works. I forgot when it was last edited but I know that it's before December 2006.)

Thursday, March 1, 2007

New blog layout

I found the prevous layout very boring and ugly, so I decided to use this new layout and make changes to it. This layout only works only on the old layout of blogs of (created before 19 December 2006 and had not upgraded). So, if you want to look for a new layout for your blogspot, pay attention to the date when the template was posted.

Note: The other 2 blogs ( and are under the new layout. Go there to find the links that were here until i've finished with the new layout) I will make some modifications in the near future like hosting that image (or other images that fit the style of this page) on imageshack, make the area where the posts are wider.
If I have the time, this may not take too long to be done. (ps. The images and youtube videos in earlier posts may need to be readjusted)