Friday, September 16, 2011

It's been there for a while but...

It's been there for a while, but did anyone notice the translator badge on my profile? No one commented about it.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Rejected version of "Alternate Dimension (Part 76)"

This was rejected because it doesn't seem right, and I wanted the 6th Story to be independent from the other stories.

I'm kind of curious what Isaka's son is like, because his situation feels almost similar to Itsuki when he enters Mizuho for the first time so...

Itsuki: "Hey Saeko. Something interesting happened. A colleague's friend, who is a teacher of a high school not far from Kamisugi High, told me that a male student approached him saying that he lost his student ID, but found a girl's student ID of the same school during an event at Mizuho. What is strange about that ID he found is that, everything except the photo contains exactly the same information as the student who found it, and some mysterious force made the teacher say that the ID is his, despite the photo on it being obviously a girl. The name of the student in question was a second year called Isaka Tsukasa." just as I was thinking about the person in question, Itsuki came in to talk about someone. Wait... That student's family name is also Isaka, and people think the girl in the photo is him... The Isaka woman who worked with me said she found a female uniform in her son's closet that has his own name instead of her daugher's sewn onto it. I have a strong feeing that the student Itsuki was talking about, and the son of the Isaka who worked for me as a supervisor, are of the same person.

Me: "So, exactly what are you planning? Just so you know, that student's mother happens to work for me in a senior position."

Itsuki: "Well..."

It seems that my mention of knowing the mother made him rethink about what he originally wanted to say.

Itsuki: "What about letting him buy whatever he likes with our money? Our combined income keeps coming in a lot quicker than we can spend them, even after including spending on the most expensive things money could buy."