Monday, February 23, 2009

progress of v0066

I started doing this right after doing v0065 on the 21st February 2009. Right now, I am almost done with the outline. Since the original is a monochrome image drawn by pencil, I had a hard time figuring out which are the shades and which are the outlines on top of multiple lines that could have otherwise be represented as only 1 line (eg. the tatami mat frames at the bottom left). I have also put up colours based on my judgment or earlier vectors at roughly at where they should be.

What I'm trying to do besides that is to redesign the character's heads, especially the 3rd, 5th and 6th from the front as the original was done in August 2005. If you had payed attention to the character designs of anime back then and now, you can see that the character designs have been improving. One such example is the 2002 and 2006 versions of Kanon where even though the storyline is about the same, the visuals of the newer one looked a lot better. Of course, this could possibly mean using the "cut and paste" method from earlier vectors or other source images and edit those from there. I try not to have it look like v0015, which looks horrible, but more like v0018 where I added the bottom half from elsewhere and modify the existing parts so that it blends nicely. Others include the head of v0007 & v0021, the legs of v0016 & v0016a, the eyes of v0035 & v0037, background of v0053, features images and drawings in v0058, colours for v0016 (again), v0030a, v0056, v0056a, v0056b, v0060, v0065. v0038 is a special case where the enlarged characters in colour, but cropped, also features the characters in full, but in monocrome with text over it, in the same source image. More complex I had done before include v0030, v0046, v0048, v0050, v0051, v0058, and v0061.

(Looks at the previous paragraph) Sorry, I got carried away. Anyways, looking at how complicated and how long I could take to release this, I may release several vectors numbered after this (v0066).

I'm posting this in the middle of the night, so I'm feeling tired and sleepy by now, so I shall end this here now.

PS. My YouTube profile is updated to look like my main blog. It actually looks a lot better; even better than other poeple's. The wonders of just using the colours, level of transparancy, and background colour....