Saturday, August 9, 2008

Changes to colour theme

I have changed the colour theme for both the English and Japanese versions of my main blogs.

Both: Created links to my other blogs above Blogger's navigation bar. Currently viewing blog would have the name in English instead of Japanese and would not have any links for it. This replaces the earlier link lists (except "More profiles and blogs"). The title immediately below the navigation bar would have the links removed (replaced by the above), image resized and changed to the icon you had already seen next to the address bar (IE7, Firefox & Safari only) instead of the standard one.
All of this changes may apply to the other blogs.

English version: The colour theme has been changed to various shades of pink/red from the previous maroon/white/black. The sidebar and post titles remains largely unchanged as there wouldn't be much of a difference if I had. Background and text colour of some of the 3rd party widgets (like the music player) are changed to match the new theme.

Japanese version: Colour theme has been changed from maroon/white/black (same as the above) to various shades of blue/cyan. Colours for 3rd party apps (except for like the chatbox which is shared with other blogs that has themes with pink/red/white) are also changed to match the theme.

Known problems: The new links at the top faces difficult-to-see colours due to the colours used for links throughout that blog. (I don't want to use #fffffff (white) or #000000 (black) at all) It's hard to find a colour that is close to the theme and still be able to see it with different background colours.