Tuesday, August 26, 2008


The reason being that I rarely check my message inbox at Friendster, was that I keep receiving pointless messages faster than I can read them that genuine messages got mixed with them. On top of that, I have moved on to Facebook and my blogs that I hardly even log into it, including my main account there.

Anyways, I received this message from a Canadian guy in Japan who is about 15 years older than me. It's made me sad...

Title: _____ has sent you a smile
Message: _____ wants to brighten your day with a smile. Check out _____'s profile and send a reply.
A message from _____:
At first I was going to say: great photos!! And: You're a great photographer.
But as I looked through them, I realized: you didn't take these photos yourself; you just stole them from the Internet. I was very disappointed.
You're one of those: ganbare Nippon! / Utsukushi Nippon! types. And you lack morals that we have in the West. If you look at my photos; all of them I took myself.
Did you ask permission to use other people's images?
People like you make Japan ugly. Utsukushikunai!

Hmm, I kind of was expecting this kind of message, and it could reflect what other people who viewed that profile but didn't say anything. And what the hell does he know about me? So, to not make myself demoralized further, I'm going to not think about it and ignore this joker, but will remove images from where he might have see it when I feel like it. Those images will be at the photo albums in Facebook and are sorted by the month they were taken. In the meantime, some albums at friendster will be made private.