Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Comment moderation

I have now enabled comment moderation for all of my blogs. Previously, only this blog and my main English language blog had it enabled. However, anyone can post a comment.

This means that anyone who posts comments of posts on my blogs would have to wait for the authors of the blog to approve (or reject) the comment. The only exception is myself and in the case of the Anime blogs, Yukari too.

The layout of the technology blog has been changed. This is one of the few blogs where I would test new layouts on in the current blogger format. For classic ones however, I can just do it on any blog, especially on the blog I want to apply the layout to. However, I only use it if I just want a text-only blog or base on website layouts I had visited to and make some changes to remove/modify stuff that would work at the site I copied from. Nowadays, I don't even use the classic layout despite most of my friends still do. The layouts you see on my blogs are heavily modified versions of the default layouts of the current blogger layout. (I still leave the credits of the layout I modified from in it intact by the way.)