Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Background for main english blog

After remembering the codes on how to insert my background and not have them tiled from the top-left corner, I am faced with a problem on what image to place there.

I have about 37000 images that add up to 12.2GB, not counting the ones I have already burned to DVD discs, but finding the one out of that many is so difficult that I would only bother with the recent ones (unless I can't find good ones there). I do try to delete the lower res if higher res are available, but I sort them if the higher res version exceeds 3MB. Sometimes, I need to crop or resize images, but since they are save elsewhere, those are not reflected in the above figures. When saving, the option to enter tags for images in Windows Vista seems to be missing.

I had put up a full sized background before, but this would cause people with mobile devices or slow connection take some time to load. Nice images that would fill up a 1280*800 screen without exceeding 200KB is quite rare.

With the current layout, I think that no background image with a colour that matches the theme would be best, though I would see images that would only use a corner of the screen, preferably with a transparent background.