Saturday, August 16, 2008

layout changes

The layout for this blog has been changed to that previously used on my main English blog, which has now changed to a newer layout that I had been working on lately.

The main reason for the change on the main blog was that the old layout got quite messy.
On this layout, the old one had to go due to formatting problems that made it hard to read.

When the new layout was made, the Technology blog was used as I had to see what elements are to keep and modify on the main blog at the same time.

I do have plans to do the same to the Japanese version, the Anime blogs (both), but I don't plan on doing that now...

Note: The title banner and links that was at the top in the old layout has been moved to the bottom, though there is already an all-in-one drop-down list at the top containing all the links. It's colour coded (as mentioned here) and categorized so as to easily find the link without cluttering the rest of the blog.