Sunday, July 20, 2008

Made slight changes to profile layout

I have upgraded the layout of the Japanese version to the newer Blogger layout to match the English version. On top of that, I have removed the background image of the post and sidebar widget and replaced it with a solid colour. The font size of the header has increased (even larger for the Japanese version) and has been un-bold. Replacing the RSS link is a smilar one currently only found on Blogger Draft. Alternatively, you can also lookout for the RSS logo that appears in your browser (it's normally absent or greyed-out if there are none).

The HTML of the layout had to be modified from one of the original Blogger layouts (Sand Dollar). Examples include changing of colours, adding background images, adding of the list of fonts used for this blog (like Segore UI) and creating new colour allocation areas that wasn't included in the original.

I had created a Malay language version, but deleted shortly afterwards. My command in that language is very poor compared to other languages and I want to replace what I have known about it with Japanese and English. The freakingly long sentences like "Pintu Kechemasan" (Emergency Exit) and compare it with just "非常口" in Japanese. I just don't want to blog in a language that I want to forget.