Sunday, December 23, 2007

Wireless networking

(need to change the layout once I have found a template that is compatible with the current version instead of the classic you see now. So far, I have only found the ones for the old version.)

I don't know what happened, but now I can suddenly open shared folders on my Windows XP pcs on my Windows Vista laptop. Could be an update for one or both of the operating systems. Now I can open files directly instead of transfering by a portable storage device, though the 2 wired pcs running windows xp can already access to each other.

Since now I have a wireless router and a laptop to use it, the problem now is to secure the wireless network so that people who get into my wireless network (it's not password protected; no idea how or when I tried to do so, I can't use the internet and have to reset the router) are able to edit or even worse, delete the files. 

I'm not sure which are read only and which are read & write shared folders. When I try to enable to share the folder on the vista laptop, all except "public" and "users" can be accessed while the rest appeared there, which when I try to open it, it said that I do not have enough permissions to access. I'm sure I have enabled read for that folder.