Saturday, April 14, 2007

URL changes

I was navigating to when I saw a guy that is not me. (urls on MySpace cannot be changed). Also, a few months earlier, while searching for fnfd on youtube, i saw a video of a fire bridgage putting out a fire. On search on google, it turns out that FNFD means ??? ??? Fire Department and also something that has to do with stock market. Since my nick was not original to begin with (fnfd was shortened from flyernofoolsday (which itself is shorten from "a flyer which is not a fool on a day"), a name i used on neopets), I might as well create a new one from scratch. The new urls are based on the display name of my friendster accounts at time of typing. (1st: ' ' ' ' Konomi Fujimiya, 2nd: ' ' Yukari Fujimiya, 3rd: Yukiho Horie)

So here are the changes that uses the following:

fnfd -> fujimiyayuki
the1iam -> yukarifujimi
(asuna888 is unchanged)

Therefore, new accounts and places where the display name and/or URL can be changed, are with effect from 13 April 2007 (Friday). Note that some of the links still points to the old ones.

(8 September 2008 edit: Please refer to this post for further changes)