Wednesday, December 12, 2007

changes (2007-12-12)

I have replaced the following banners for my blogs and profiles. (The old version is still being used at imeem as it is on a different image server than the identical one used for others)


The reason for changing:

  • The old one have problems loading
  • MySpace once had a filter (not sure if there still is) that removes anything that contains "imeem" in it.
  • lack of information on the old banner
  • old version was created in a hurry
  • people copied it
  • better readability
Also, you would have noticed that the email address has changed, friendster and myspace profile urls added (except 2nd myspace profile and 3rd & 5th friendster for personal reasons).

I'm going to make further changes by extending the right end so that it wouldn't look awkward if viewed at 1280x800 (16:10/Widescreen) at this blog.