Sunday, September 9, 2007

Annoying people on the internet

Forgive me if I hurt anyone's feelings, but i got to say this and not mention names.

The 1st person is already mentioned earlier somewhere. The one who copied everything from what i said to the images I uploaded. Now that person is still copying from me. Here is an extract from his chatbox dated 28 July while chatting with Annon1 (which is not me):

I don't really think that guy called [my real name], thinking that I was copying so suspiciously. I really don't knoe about his character.

The 2nd person, at first, went of well and was one of the few people who comforted me when I said that the 1st person was copying from me. It started back on 28 March 2007. I forgot what exactly happened but he (not sure if he's from the Philippines or Alaska) added me to the account mainly for my real-life friends and my other accounts. Some time later in late August, someone under the same name with a different account and a SOS-dan logo (i suspect it's the same person) sent the following messages from that account on the same day:
Message 1 title: s
Message: s

Message 2 title: ...
Message: ...

Message 3 title: Ok I'll tell the truth of my Identity
Message: Before that are mad at me?
Answer this!!! only huh [my real given name] nee-chan

Sorry about this

(Cause you did not ask that's why)

Name:Eric John L. Recustodio
Birthday:October 10, 1992
Year:11th grade high school

My Research About you is this...
From the clue I got you are
Name: [my real full name]
Birhtday:August 5, 1990 (you got the year wrong)
Age:18 (how can I be 18 if you say i'm born in 1990?)
wakkanai (Northernmost part of Hokkaido, Japan. Which is wrong)

Message 4 title:My info about you
Message:Kuso you really don't know what I mean do you? I just want to be your friend don't you understand friend?
You are careful,selfish,doesn't trust me,only trust yoyurself,etc
now I made up my mind I don't wanna go here again...
you I already have a japanese classmate here already
I hope you understand
you can't be a friend to me


(How the hell did you come up with that conclusion by me not talking to you? I am already busy with my life.)
A day after the above message, I removed him from from my friend list. About a week later, he sent this message:
Message 5 title: That's it that's what I'm looking for
Message:well i guess I'll say it to you my reasonings
first- the email I sent to you has a bad words right ,I sent it to make you mad
I just want to see If you really have trust on me, so I want to say If you forgive me you have a good personality
you can forgive others do you

If not maybe you don't have a chance to forgive me
(For what happens I just really want to test you so I want to see If you are)
(I really don't know why I'm still here you now, I don't understand)
(For all what I did I'm really sorry,maybe I hurt your feelings)
Yeah, right. Like I believe you. And why the hell are you sending from that account and not your main account? Are you telling me that you are a copycat or a coward?
After that, I blocked him (the account he send the messages from) and rejected friend request. I also suspect the person by the name Romeo is the same person based on the long hometown name in the Philippines.

If you look at the chatbox placed on my blogger blog (here), you might see them posting messages there.