Thursday, February 8, 2007

Subbing complains

I have recently been busy making subtitles. I type the text from an already subbed version by a group then add the subs to a raw (unedited; usually to a higher quality ver). The reason for doing it is the one subbed by a group have hardsubs (espically the opening/ending) and cannot be removed. Next, even if there are softsubs, the op and ed and some scenes is still in hard subs (for most groups these days. Exceptions (everything including op/ed, credits of ppl who did the subs)include POGO (which, unfortunately translates only from Japanese to Chinese). Obvious
examples include the 1st episode of "Saint October" (Jan 2007) by Ryoumi subs (though another group did a better job): The ローマ字 (romanised japanese) for the opening; an annoying waving text that goes to the next line every japanese word (about 3-7 in romanised form) in a poor attempt to follow the japanese text (which is hard to copy btw). Next, group subs that put some image before the video starts (which means that the timing is pushed back) and even more annoying if that thing appears and the audio of the actual video is heard only and only appears a few seconds later. Examples include スクルーランブル二学期 (1H 2006-3Q 2006) by yourmom subs (that's the name btw and another subbing group stopped subbing until ep 9 (of 24) due to it being licensed by some US company though yourmom continued until the end [i heard people saying US=the world]. They post random photos from lamposts to cats), N・H・Kにようこそ! (3Q 2006-4Q 2006) by toybox (the part about hearing audio only applies to this; one of the main female charaters on an orange background with text of ppl who did the subs and their IRC channel). Fortunately, another subbing group is doing it and the fonts are better. next, SHUFFLE! memories (1Q 2007) by ayako (or something like that). A picture of a featured charater (from the game or a CG art; the former is likely) appeared before it starts (there are no japanese text; only the romaji and english translation for ep 3 btw). ep 4 is worse: that image along the audio of the original video appeared until the first line of the song begins. I'm not sure if the following is done by the same group but the OVA of はぴねす! (DVD raw was released on the 1st week of January 2007) starts off with an alien looking outside (from the inside) on a planet (the scenery is something like at the moon). Speaking of that episode, it involves Wasare Jun (who dresses and behaves very much like a girl) and one of his close friend/classmate (i think his nam is yuma) being turn into a real girl after being hit by combined spell that resulted by an accident, got hit. Jun went to the toilet after it happened since jun felt something strange with jun's body. Jun notices "those things" from the chest and "that thing" missing from Jun's bottom (Jun got hit directly but the latter was right next to Jun when it happened. Therefor no one noticed until Haruhi (another classmate) notices that yuma didn't go crazy over Jun (by which the spell is removed) unlike all the guys in the school and then notices "those things". Afterwards, the madness that happened to Jun (being chased by all the boys in school, although that didn't happend to jun immedately) happens and that is where the episode ends. The entie episode focuses on jun by the way).

ps. I don't know how to extract the subtitles from videos (mkv) containg softsubs. If i did, i wouldn't go through this much trouble. I plan to do Negima!? (1024x756 (although the 640x780 version is aired earlier); done ep 1-5, 6 in progress), SHUFFLE! memories (used 1280x720 but found no difference in video quality as compared to 704x396 when viewed in full screen at 1024x768.; only ep 4) and Kyoushiro to towa no sora (640x360; havent started).

[Feb 2 edit: I think I will also do のだめカンタービル (1280x720)]
[Feb 9 edit: Decided to put 京四郎と永远の空 on hold as there is only 1 episode at 1024x768 (by AniMa-RAW) while the remainding episode by many other RAW providers are at 640x360. The video with subs by Ayako (the same group that did SHUFFLE! memories, only without images appearing before the video) seem to clearer/sharper than the one by other RAWs of the same resolution. I guess i'll wait until the DVD rips are avalable.]

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