Sunday, July 15, 2007

i really didn't want to post this but...

i really didn't want to post this but this has gone too far for me to ignore.

This guy by the name of Uchiha Sasuke (, Akaza Zala ( and Hayate Haramoto (, has been copying me from the way i phrase words to the images i upload there. I don't know what to do with him...

Image 1: This is the myspace profile mentioned above. It is only viewable if you are "friends" with him. The things he copied is quite obvious.

Image 2: This is my myspace profile. As you can see, that box below the display image is supposed to be in the MS PGothic (MS Pゴシック) with the background transparent (may appear blue-ish if viewed in Safari (Apple) browser) and saved in PNG format. In Image 1 you can tell that he edited it and typed the name different from the display name and saved it in JPEG format, which means a loss in image details (due to compression) each time it is saved in that format.

Image 3:A closer look of Image 1. This guy copied the same text as me (and box, which is mentioned earlier) and has the nerve to call my drawings as his.

Image 4:He also copied the list of anime i am watching currently (though the shows are slighty different and most of them are not of current anime/episode). The japanese text were originally saved in GIF in with 35px with Terbuchet MS in paint. He rezized it to height to 50px and created more in the same height but in a different font (most likely Arial Unicode MS). After I first noticed that he copied me, I used a vector program instead of MS Paint, changed all the stuff to what you see in Image 5.

Image 5: "Anime watch list" in the media box on my 3rd friendster profile. As you can see, the background for the japanese text is transparent and can see the background image through it. (if entered as text instead, it would convert to some code or to ?'s).

Image 6: In addition to Image 3, he also put my drawings even after I reuploaded them. (the earlier ones did not have the date and the website url). If you are curious on what was on the blog on that image, go to:

Image 7: The zoomed out version of Image 6. Loacted between Image 1 and Image 4. You can see that he posted more of my drawings (and none of his own) on the profile.