Monday, February 2, 2009

Changes made

I don't really remember what changes were made since the last update, but here's some of them:

  • Background image changed
  • Background of post, sidebar, and top navigation bar has been changed to semi-transparent. This is made possible by just replacing the white with a partially transparent white PNG image.
  • Colours of the side navigation menu of the Japanese version of the main blog and the drawings blog has been changed to red/pink.
  • Added "Tw Cent MT" as the first font to load on the technology blog.
  • To avoid confusion or misunderstanding in the search results, (TVサイズ)/(TV-size) next to the song title has been relocated to below the name of the singer(s) as "赤:TVサイズ"/"Red: TV-size" on the anime blogs.
  • Colours and table formatting for "Friends Blogs" (on both English and Japanese Versions) has been changed. Apparently, the outer border looks different on different browsers.
  • Some time ago, I have (quietly) lifted the restriction of the posts having to be verified by me before the comments appear. However, I am still notified if someone posts at my blog.
  • Format for the signature on my vectors has changed from
    Fonts and colours are unchanged. Notice the omission of the day of the week. The order may be change to fit the positioning. By default it would appear at the bottom right (bottom left for the older version). Older vectors will not be affected unless I have decided to make changes.
  • I have disabled auto-play of the music player on the English anime blog. Japanese version had already done so earlier.
  • If you haven't noticed, my third story on my main blog has "to be continued in part X" on the right instead of the usual left. Images are also omitted. Speaking of which, I do have plans to insert parts in between as a separate part. You would know if you see Part X.Y in the title or "to be continued/continued from part X.Y" somewhere in the middle of Part X.
  • Songs has been added to the playlist. If you are wondering what number the new toradora opening & ending songs are, it's 489 and 490. (OP/ED for the earlier ones are 437 & 436) 491 and 487 are white album op/ed songs.
  • "Anime watch list" on my other blogs are updated. I hadn't changed since the last few episodes of Autumn 2008 anime and now in the first few of Winter 2009 ones.