Friday, February 20, 2009

URL of my Japanese main blog

If you had seen the URL to my japanese blog, you would notice either a long-ish alpha-numeral adress (xn--n8jos8fqkx000ci6n) or the name in Japanese (虹を追いかけて), depending on your settings. By default, it would display the former.

In Internet Explorer version 7 or latter, you would notice an icon in the URL bar like the left screenshot and may or may not display the proper URL. Same applies to browsers like Safari or Crome, but without that notification icon, though which it would display depends on your computer/browser settings.

The older URL (chasing-after-rainbows) now redirects to the English version (the1iam), which, among the 2 language versions, I would updated more frequently. There are links from there that would lead to the japanese version.

I have created these tinyurl links pointing to the same site for convience: