Sunday, January 18, 2009

Change of theme and re-organizing posts

On the drawings blog, I have applied the layout that you had seen on the layout testing blog. I have fixed some links that point to the old URL links that are now broken.

As for the posts, I have changed the date stamp of the posts to reflect the date and (if available) time they are created. Due to this, dates at the post title are now removed as they are now redundant. Links to those posts, however, remains unchanged. For example, posts (up to v0054) such as v0051 was originally dated on 2 January 2009, but since the drawing was first completed earlier, on 30 December 2008, the date has been changed accordingly. In the URL, however, it's still:
The parts in bold are the ones that should have changed. I could have created a new one to replace this, but it may get confusing in the progress and posts linking to it could become broken.