Saturday, October 3, 2009

Slight changes to Anime Watch List

Left: Japanese version
Right: English version

Thumbnails has been changed from 60px*60px to 100px*75px. As a result, you can see more details. You might see it cropped in the table (eg. 90px*60px), but the same source image is used.

For the Japanese version, additional coding has been added to make it resemble the logo. Example: "生徒会の一存" has been changed to "生徒会の一存", but due to language reasons, I can't do the same for non-Japanese versions like how do I do "電磁" (Chou Denjin Hou; note the first character) if it's supposed to be pronounced as "Railgun"? Unless there's an official logo in, say, English (which is not likely to appear until after the Japanese broadcast has ended),it's going to look strange.

For technical reasons, I also can't do outline around the text. The closest thing I could do is to have a background or a drop-down effect.

Oh, another oddness you might have noticed in the Japanese version for episode numberings instead of the usual "第2話": Umineko 12 is numbered as "III-I", K-On! 12 (2nd last ep) as "最終回", "第拾壹話" for Bakemonogatari 11, or "#08" and so on. It's based on the numbering shown in the episode itself at the same time as the episode title. On the English version, or if those numberings are not given and is not a special episode, I would follow the numbers that places like wikipeia are using. Anime like "Fullmetal Alchemist" do give the actual numberings along with the title like "第16話「戦友の足跡」"

For reasons not mentioned, Bakemonogatari seems to be using a lot of the old characters (旧字体/舊字體) and fraud-proof (eg. legal documents, cheques) versions for numbers. Also, text that should have been in hiragana are written in their katakana or (obsolete/rarely used) kanji forms. Like "有難ウ御座イマス" instead of "ありがとうございます".