Sunday, September 27, 2009

[Drawings Blog] Change of post layout

New posts on the drawings blog now have a new way to be presented. This comes less than a week after the new layout for song lyrics (finalized draft), though I haven't added colours for that.

The new layout has the sub-header at the side instead of the top and the following text corrected:

  • Comment: This was drawn on a notebook. → *This was drawn in a notebook.
  • コメント:メモ帳でこの絵をしました。 → ※このスケッチをノートに描かれた。
  • Pencil → Pencil Sketch
  • 鉛筆 → 鉛筆画
  • 鉛筆(編集された)→ 鉛筆画 (編集)
  • ベクトル(最初) → ベクトル (初期)
  • バックグラウンドなし → 無背景
  • アウトライン → 輪郭線
  • Original Image → Source Image
  • オリジナルの画像 → ソースイメージ
Although I did mention that I won't change earlier posts, I need to do some samples for regular (v0086), posts with sketches (v0020), landscape images (v0017), and variations of the original (v0030). Minor changes to vectors mentioned recently are also applied ahead of other posts that still have the older version.