Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Avatar changed

Image at the top right of the navigation menu has been changed from to . In addition, the dimensions of viewable area has been changed from 65px*73px to 55px*55px so that it doesn't take up too much space, but will be vertically expanded automatically if the area left of it contain my feeds from Twitter. These images are based on my vectors numbered v0080 and v0088 respectively.

I have also changed the avatar image at twitter. Between the previous (Senjouhara Hitagi; from Bakemonogatari) and the current one (crop of v0088), I had been using the source image of it shortly before I decided to make a vector of it. However, when uploading the finished vector, I noticed that there is no image appearing in all the browsers, including those that has not been used for weeks. In its place was a broken image icon (blank or hover-over text as normal text in the case of Firefox) where the image supposed to be. I thought it's just me until someone pointed out (from the other side of the globe) that they are seeing the same problem.

The problem has now been fixed. Do note that the background is transparent.