Saturday, October 24, 2009

Navigation of Stories Changed

Snippets like this on the right image shows a sample of the first few words of my latest post via RSS. However, when it comes to my stories, especially on search engines, fewer parts of the actual story are visible as they look at the first few words like:

Story 2 Part 19 (middle link) is the worse as it's filled with navigation and notes and none of the actual story actually appearing there, though ironically, it has been fixed several days before Google's cache of that link.

The old navigation links looked something line:
[revised on 25 November 2008]
(continued from part 18)
(related: "Tokihi (Part 8)")
[Author's note: ...]

insert story text here

(to be continued in part 20)

That's why it appears in the snippets and search engine's summary as the notes occupy the top. Here's the newer format of the above:

insert story text here

Part 18
Related: "Disoriented Feelings (Part 8)"
Part 20

[Author's note: ....]

[Revised: 16 February 2009]
This newer format cleans up the mess at the top. Links at the middle would lead to related parts, what chapter this is part of at my Wordpress blog, and so on. More importantly, the actual content of the post is visible in snippets and search results.

Due to an unexpected large amounts of parts I have done, changes will only be done when I decided to make changes to the post itself which is quite random or of my favorites, so you might see a mix of the old and new ones.

Of course, I don't change them blindly: I fixed broken/wrong links along the way. I was aware that in Story 4 Part 2, the link pointing to the continuing part actually points to the previous part. Also, Story 3 has already been renamed from "Tokihi" to "Disoriented Feelings" somewhere in June/July this year.

Ps. My anime blog layout theme looks awful when compared to the technology blog. It's ironic that I designed both of them.