Sunday, September 13, 2009

Progress of v0086

(Info about the new blog layout: here)

Sorry about the long break: I had very little time to this, let alone update my blogs. I know the last was about 5 weeks ago and another 5 between the previous (v0085) and the one before that (v0084)

The amount candidates of images to vector from has increased, but the amount I have vectored has unchanged. The above is the amount of progress I had done so far since I started a few hours prior to this post. Although I have done this much already in a short time, it doesn't seem that I have the time to complete within the next 7 days. When it's done, I'll put it up on the same image hosting site as the other vectors in the usual resolution and update that small sidebar widget on the anime blogs, though might not appear on the drawings blog itself until a lot later.

Anyways, sfgdhjyfmjh is now renamed to v0000 since the previous name is kind of random and hard to remember. Links and some places might still reflect the old name.