Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rejected Version of "An Unexpected Wish (Part 4)"

Reason why it's rejected is that it seemed too emo and the pacing is done in such a way that it seems rushed.On top of that, I am already working on a 2nd version of part 4, which, at time of writing, is not complete. Except for spelling mistakes, this is left unchanged from the original source that was written in a notebook.

Nanami's time in High School seem to pass by quickly and is now studying in a well known university. She had help from a cousin she didn't knew she had until her grandmother mentioned her as her great-granddaughter. Nanami did hear about her in the news before, but didn't know that they were blood related, though noticed that the family name is the same. She also got in due to connections and a recommendation from her cousin. Because of her cousin's prophecy in another language, she studied at a globally well known university in America. Nanami can't because she doesn't understand that language well.

Nanami still keep in contact with Yuichi and Misae via messaging and social websites, but did not see face-to-face after the high school graduation as they have either started working or entered a different college.

As she gets older, trusting someone who is older or even of the same age is becoming harder but a family member or someone else known since young are still trustworthy to her. The problem is that her immediate family has been kill and knows little of her relatives, let alone see them.

Her grandmother likes to describe how she met her foreign husband and how different things were back then. Nanami thought of how much trouble she had went through without modern-day conviences. Along with photos, she introduces to Nanami her relatives, including the one who ensured a place in university. She also showed her a family photo with all the relatives when she was just nine years old.

Nanami's time in university seem to pass by more quickly despite it being actually longer than high school. As the time she last saw Yuichi and Misae is now longer than their time together, they are keeping less and less in contact. Nanami is now working with a company in Tokyo, managing their accounts. She has also married her husband she met during their time in university, though not used to being called by her married family name.