Tuesday, October 28, 2008

some minor changes

I have change the layout of the drawings blog to a version that I had used back in August or earlier (based on the fact that my latest drawing when I retrieved it was at v0013) on my main blog. Previous layout for the drawings blog was "Minimalism", one of the default Blogger XML layouts. Do note, however, that the current one uses the older classic template.

With winter coming around the corner, about a month away (December), I have yet to decide to use a new layout or just modify the existing one. The latter looks messy at the current state, but the former is difficult to edit from the "Fonts & Colors" layout settings, though that was what the latter was at the beginning.

I have also edited the Japanese-language version of my main blog. I have reduced the sidebar header font size, eliminated the weird empty spacing surrounding that and the sidebar contents. Overall width of post has been reduced from 100% to 96% (at about the same time I did the layout fix) and now 80%. This is so that more of the background can be seen.