Thursday, October 9, 2008

Minor changes to display of drawings

Due to the increasing number of vectors done, I would remove pencil drawings that I already have done a vector of in the "My Drawings"/"自作絵" sections of my main and anime blogs. This is mainly because the pencil ones contain outdated/incorrect information and are difficult to change. The vectored ones look better anyway. All are arranged by when it was done, with the most recent one being the first.

To deal with this increase, I have already created a new blog that displays vectored that I had done so far, including the versions when I made it in their original resolutions and what are the images used to make it, including ones that I had rejected. However, unless a vector version is done, pencil drawings will not appear here. Except for v0005, all vectors are in numeral order.

Do note that I may put up a vector suddenly without mentioning about it, though there are some exceptions, but only if I had difficulty doing it or made noticable changes.