Sunday, November 2, 2008

progress of vector v0029

I started doing this on the night of 30 October and normally be able to complete it within 24-48 hours from the starting time.

What is taking it longer than usual is that, apart from distractions not relating to this, is that you may have noticed that the outline closely matches the nearby colour region instead. On my earlier vectors, I would use the default black (#000000) instead for the outline. But that was until I discovered this feature, along with the blurring effect. I should get around to complete this soon. When it's ready, it should appear at the "My Drawings"/"自作絵" sections of my main and anime blogs, along with a post on the drawings blog, with a resolution much larger than what you see here..

Speaking of blurring, you might have noticed that v0022 had been edited closer to the source image with the pink shadow effect. I wanted to do that effect via radical gradient, but it did not turn out well. So I had instead used a 25% transparent pink as the background instead until I fixed it. Another is the shadow part of v0011: It didn't look nice on shapes with angular lines and flat colours overlapping each other. The solution was to blur it.

You might have also notice in both cases that a white non-transparent, background has been used instead of a totally (or semi) transparent one. It's not noticeable if the colour underneath it is white, but when placed against black or orange background, it wouldn't look nice.