Saturday, October 4, 2008

IMEEM & Blogger profile theme changed

The profile at IMEEM has been changed. The previous theme looked plain and had not been changed in a long time.

If you had been there before the change, which has a blue background with an image at the bottom right and a banner with words that I had used on my Japanese main blog, you would be in for a surprise if you were to visit again now.

The new one features a lot of pink and a revamped banner. If you look carefully at the bottom right of that banner, you might be able to see my name and the URL of my English main blog. The display image is now of a schoolgirl on a chair playing the violin.

For the Blogger profile, there are no major changes. Just that I have added the names of recent anime in the interest field. Random question has also been changed.

PS. I noticed that over a thousand people had viewed my profile. The average profile is about 5-10 times less than that...