Monday, August 10, 2009

PDF versions of vectors

Not sure if I had already mentioned this, but in early-July this year, I made PDF versions of the vectors and uploaded them to my hardly-used Wordpress account.

I would like to upload the original SVG file, but hosting sites don't seem to support them. PDF support on Wordpress is the closest I can to retain its vector properties. Previously, I would just put up the PNG only and made several versions of it (without background, outline, high-res, widescreen, etc.) somewhere only my (real-life) friends have access to.

Unfortunately, saving in PDF means that the blurring effect I had used is lost. v0029 and v0074 are examples of this. On top of that, image files used might have included in the file itself, which explains why the background is missing (v0019) or the file size being so large (v0058). A good reason to have the PNG versions.

On a side note, I have change the layout of the drawings blog. It's based on the one I did a while ago for the technology blog. Background and colour theme-wise, there are no major changes. Image icon has been changed from v0058 to v0085 and the title has been coverted from katakana to hiragana.