Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Frequent layout changes

(She's laughing at me...)

There are 3 reasons why I have been changing layout frequently lately, minor or major.

  1. Someone copied me
  2. Someone complained about a layout/element to me
  3. The previous layout has become boring/outdated.
If point 1 were to happen, I might just ignore it unless it looks exactly like mine AND if I can find it.
For point 2, the first thing I would do is to check who it's from. In most cases, the next step would to modify/remove the offending thing or even completely change the layout.
Point 3 could be because the seasons have changed, the old one looking ugly/outdated, or would not support something new. Even if it does, it might not look nice. Also, this could also be because of point 2 where I was in a rush to change.

I think I would let Yukari to change the layouts she has control over for now. I have too much stuff to do now.