Monday, April 20, 2009

counter changed

Less than 24 hours ago, I have decided to changed my counter provider. I'm not saying the reason why I did so other than that the code for the counter could be easily be use by anyone.

The old one had reached 2109 when I decided to completely remove it (I was the 2100th). Except for my main blog in English (which starts at 2100), all counters would restart at 0. I started the previous counter at end-2008, but I started blogging 2 years before that at this very blog I am posting this in. (Back then, it was called "Neverending New Beginnings" and the URL was just, but stuff happened until I have 14 blogs on mainstream sites, 10 of which, are active.)

With the new one, I am now able to tell how much people are viewing each of my blogs, what page they were viewing before coming into mine, what country they are from, what browser, resolution, and operating system they were using. Not surprisingly, the large majority of the traffic were to my anime blog in Japanese. Besides Google and Yahoo! Japan (owned by Softbank, not Yahoo! Inc.), search engines to that particular blog also include BIGLOBE and @nifty. Majority of the traffic to there include "とらドラ オープニング 歌詞" (Toradora opening lyrics), "歌詞 まりあ ほりっく" (Maria Holic lyrics). On a slightly related note, my main blog also had "けいおん ED 歌詞" and "Cagayake!Girls", which is a result of me posting a draft post there on Saturday. I would put up a finalised version when it's done. I might replace the video with the widescreen in HD later on and maybe add closed captioning of the lyrics.

I have even found the page where my page were refered from, and it's only today:

(First screenshot was about the lyrics of the first Toradora opening. Second was about the 2009 re-runs of Haruhi.)

Well, it's hard to say if all this stastics are of any use to me, but it certainly a whole lot better than to not knowing if there are even people viewing my posts. Numbers are meaningless if you don't know what they are for.

According to the ads I put up since October 2007 (earlier than the webcounter), there were 58707 page impressions.