Thursday, January 15, 2009

Changes on the way my drawings are displayed

Seeing that my drawings are getting even more messier as they increase, I have decided to remove most of the thumbnails of my drawings that appear at the very bottom of my main and anime blogs of both language versions. In the case of the japanese anime blog, it's at the bottom of the sidebar. Now, only the best and the most recent ones are displayed. The large image featuring the most recent vector remains unchanged.

I have, however, created a smillar one at the drawings blog that still display all the drawings I made since July 2008 and some from earlier, on top of the fact that the blog itself are of my drawings. The code for it was copied over from the main English blog before making the changes, and the positioning has been modified to look smillar to the japanese anime blog. Since it's copied from there, you would be able to see my comments for it if you hover over the image for a while.

Speaking of the drawings blog, I am planning to change the layout theme there as the current one looked rather plain. Previously, I wanted to apply it to the main blog instead, but I found the existing layout too nice to change (apart from the title image).