Friday, September 5, 2008

redesigning of the anime blogs

Even though I had made changes to the anime blogs around the same time as the time I change the urls of some blogs, just last month. The layout actually looks ugly and I don't have the motivation to bother posting it. It's time for a major makeover! And again, I will be using one of the default (non-classic) blogger layout like what I have done before for easy organization and modification. (To view a sample that looks nice, go to my main japanese-language blog).

I may also try to make it look like the blogs hosted at Wordpress like what you see here in terms of the fonts, colours, and clean layout. However, the one here is using the classic coding and I have no idea how to create the modern blogger edition as I can't make heads or tails as to what to do other than codes for the fonts and backgrounds (sometimes, positioning of layout elements too). On top of that, if there are errors or omissions in the code that would not make it appear correctly, I wouldn't be able to save it and the error message does not explain how to correct it other than a general explenation.