Saturday, September 6, 2008

changed layouts

The layout of the main blog English and Japanese version has been changed. The new layout features a 3 column layout. The former layout at the japanese version would be used for the anime blogs. The new layout is compatible with Blogger's XML (newer) layout format. This would make things easier to update.

Due to the space it takes up, if you are viewing the blog at resolutions smaller than the width of 1280px (1280*720, 1280*800, 1280*1024), widgets may be cut off and you may find the text next to the images going to the next line after just a few words. Maybe I should reduce the size of the images...

On the English blog, you might have noticed that I have added the new "People following this blog". Since it's at the experimental stage, it's not available on all blogs, including my other blogs.