Sunday, September 7, 2008

navigation bar changed


ネヴァエンディング・ニュー・ビギニンッズ(英語版) Neverending New Beginnings (English Version)

日本語版 | 英語版 | プロフィルとブログの更新 | 技術 | Anime (日本語・English) | ゆかりちゃん

Neverending New Beginnings (English Version)
日本語版 | 英語版 | 更新 | 技術 | アニメ(日本語英語) | ゆかりちゃん
Japanese | English | Updates | Technology | Anime (jp/en) | Yukari-chan

Note:May look different from actual ones due to the border that came with the blog template layout that is applied only to images in posts, and the availability of specified fonts installed.

As you might have noticed, I have changed the appearance of the navigation bar across all my blogs. (except for the English Anime blog, which will happen when I do a major makeover of both of the anime blogs: they still look ugly despite the 2-3 layout changes) This one looks a lot better than the older version.

The changes are to relocate it to the area between the blog header and the posts instead of the very top of the blog (even above the blogger's navigation bar). Since it's already a table, I would just change the background from some kind of pink (#FFEEF4) to some kind of orange (#FFEFE2). Colours for the names of the blog (based on the original name and may not reflect the name you see in the title bar) remain unchanged, though I did notice that I had forgotten to include the # sign. Size of the image in the navigation menu has been changed from 50px to 80px. Links in English are added. If you were to hover over a link, a tooltip showing the full description would appear in the language you were hovering over.

As the colours for the links area varies with each blog (black, green, blue, etc.), the background for that area has been changed to white. The colour for non-links there has been changed to closely match the link colours but still distinguishable from links. Under the old colour scheme, the colours would look like a terrible mismatch if the colour of the link was not pink. Also, the fonts used in it (Meiryo, MS PGothic & Sans-Serif) are standardized throughout. I would like to put in some Mac OS X and Linux fonts, but I don't know what the fonts are and getting to use those OSes on a regular basis are are like next to nil.

Due to the length of the title for some of the blogs, the font size varies from long names like "ネヴァエンディング・ニュー・ビギニンッズ(英語版)" at 2px to short ones like "Injuration" at 3/4px to make sure it doesn't go to the next line at the size I view it at (full screen @ 1280*800). Same applies for the links.

I am also thinking of standardizing the image in the navigation menu to what you currently see at the english version of my main blog.