Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ancient website front page updated

I have made some changes to the index page of my website that predates my earliest blog post (here actually) by several years.

  • increased the width of the page from 800px to 1000px.
  • added image background
  • rearrangement of page elements
  • added links to my blogs
  • modified info at the bottom
  • deleted links to Neopets pages and
I currently have no plans to make changes to the other pages. However, I am thinking of putting up something relating to anime that I had watched since 2006. I'm going to use a HTML template from "somewhere" instead of the outdated and user-unfriendly page editor that came with it.

As the capacity has a total of 15MB (compared with todays 1GB), images are mostly to be hosted off-site like photobucket.

Of course, I can't gurantee that I would actually do that with my time commitments to other things.