Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dropdown list links and other changes

I have replaced the regular link list with a drop-down menu with a "Go" button next to it due to an already long list of links (mostly other people's blogs) and possibly add more. This would save a lot of space as the sidebar alone is so long that you can fit 12 (twelve) of my longer-than-average posts in it. Kind of a waste of space actually, especially when you are viewing only 1 (one) post.

I have moved "RSS feeds of the sites I go to", "My Profile" and "IMEEM music player" to the side where the posts normally appear, so less space is used since they are text and uses less vertical (top to bottom) space if there is sufficient horizontal (left to right) space. The height of the music player mentioned above and the "Tagbox" are reduced and the width.

For some of the elements of my content, I have switch to percentage (%) based width, so how big a thing will appear in your browser depends on your browser window. You would notice the size changing if you were to adjust it with the % based element in the window.

The YouTube videos of my friendster media box (an exact copy of it's HTML can be found on my main blog as a widget, though might appear different) are now percentage based so that I can put the exact number in a row and not bother with the pixel-based measurements. The last I looked, it looked fine, except that on my main blog, there is an unusually large empty space in between videos after every 2 videos. Also, adjusting its height using the percentage-based measurements doesn't make any difference.

Seeing that I can't think of a nice title, I just used a French (to make it cool) translation of "Through the eyes of someone" and "Hoping for a better future". The area where the title appears on the blog itself is replaced with an image. Besides the current one, I have yet to come up with another one. Not sure which, but it should be no wider than 1000px and the thing between the IMEEM player and the posts (Due to the rules and regulations, I can't say what it is exactly) should be visible, with an aspect ratio of around 16:9 or wider. Images might need to be resized and/or cropped to meet this requirement.