Thursday, May 22, 2008

Friendster profile no. 5 updated

As I had an unsually long school lunch break of 4 hours, I decided to check all my emails, do stuff at Facebook and eventually logged into my 5th friendster account, which I haven't logged in for a very long time. In fact, I think since March.

When I last logged in, there were several friend request, messages, and requests comming every few minuites. Multiply that with my other accounts, including another 4 at friendster, well, the number would easily enter into the tens of thousands. Which is one of the reasons why I never logged in for a long time as I have my end-of-year exams around that time.

I currently have no plans to update my friendster profiles, except "currently watching anime" and "newtype monthy anime rankings". I have done new drawings, but I haven't uploaded them yet, though some of those that are already uploaded but not edited appears on my 3rd friendster profile's media box (and one of my blogs). Not sure how many there are to edit, but I have done about 2 (3 if you count this in) new ones for this month.

Of course since I found a lot of images since then (namely 2chan and flickr), I have acess to better images and possibly make a major revamp of those never-log-in-for-so-long accounts. It's just a matter of whether I feel like doing so or have the time to do so.