Friday, April 18, 2008

Friendster profile updates (18 April 2008)

(originally posted here a while ago)

The media box at the bottom of my Friendster profile's HTML would also be copied onto this blog as a backup should something go wrong. This has happened before as some malicious software would cause it to be modified after viewing an infected profile. Fortunately, I had offline backup done each time I make changes to it (at that time). Seeing that I would access from another PC, puting it online would be more pratical. I could use removable storage devices or online storage such as gmail (Google Mail in European countries), but it's troublesome to find it, wait for it to load, may be infected by viruses/spyware, and prone to file corruption or drive failure.

By putting it up here, they (Blogger) may also point out to errors in the HTML such as a missing forward slash (/) at the end of tags such as "br" (at the beginning of the end tag if it has a start tag).

Major changes made to the media box include:

  • font size reduced to 5px from 6px for header, 5px to 2px for normal text
  • Resized the width of drawings by adding "width=100%" to the code so it doesn't get cut off if it's too large and ensure that they have a standard width.
  • YouTube videos resized and it's title above it removed. As YouTube removes videos due to legal issues quite regularly, title of the video being hard to find, and the fact that I get bored with the videos after a few months, it would be impratical to have to have the title there or have a large video window (larger than the normal youtube size) just to have the "Sorry. This video is no longer avalable." appearing at the top. The size has been reduced from 800*600 to 300*225. May be reduced further so that friendster, you could fit in at least 2 videos in a row.
Future/regular updates include:
  • Putting up of new drawings. Existing ones may be removed if I don't like it.
  • Currently watching anime (現在観賞中のアニメ).
  • Newtype magazine monthly anime shows and characters ranking. I would update between the 15th and the 25th of the previous month (eg. May issue published in April) if i'm not lazy/busy.
  • Upcomming new 2008 (and 2009) anime. Would update when I feel like it, but I would update the one on my anime blogs first though.