Sunday, April 6, 2008

Friendster profile updated


I have somewhat updated the 3rd Friendster account.

Changes include removing text that has something to do with colour rendering on the computer in Japanese and in place put up and extract of this post. For the media box here are the some stuff that are updated:
  • removed some of the YouTube videos (not that they removed them, they were just outdated; I never checked if they were removed)
  • testimonial pictures sent by other people on all of my friendster accounts are removed (too tiring to maintain)
  • chatbox removed due to errors (I hardly use that chatbox anyways)
  • drawings done since February 2008 are added (planning to remove some of the earlier ones)
  • NewType rankings, Anime Watch List, and New Upcomming 2008 Anime updated to that as at 6 April 2008. Before the update, it was at 28 February 2008. (you can also go to this blog to view them)
Other changes include:
  • removed text in Japanese mentioning something about how images are displayed in computing terms like 8-bit pixel rendering (mentioned above)
  • display and background image. The display/primary image is of a girl about to throw a paper plane into the blue sky. Background is edited from the box art of the R1 (North America) DVD release of 5 Centimeters Per Second. (That same background is also used on my personal blog and IMEEM profile.)
  • Konomi Hashimoto's display image updated.