Thursday, October 5, 2006

Youtube account

On 5 Oct 2006 at about 4am (GMT +8), my youtube account (fnfd) was suspended for "copyright violation". The videos that cause me to received warnings are 3 Inuyasha endings (warning received in July 12 by Yomiuri Telecasting Corp.), magical hamburger (Oct 3 by Fuji Television Network, Inc.), and one piece opening (earlier today by TOEI ANIMATION CO., LTD.).

By the way, I have already create an another one (the1iam) shortly after receiving warnings for the inuyasha videos as I know that the account that received warnings would eventually be suspended.

P.S. Videos that were in that account will not be re-uploaded except for the pokemon dp ending which i had improved the audio (it was too soft).

Edit (6 Oct): I have created a new account. It is sobadeniyoukoso. (I can't think of a better name at that time) It is form the words そばで (be with) and ようこそ (welcome). So the name literally means "Welcome to being with" (the translator translates it as "it is in".)