Wednesday, October 25, 2006

New content

Now I have changed the image at the header and re-added text that was on the header image before the previous one beneath the current image.

I have now added some information on myself, such as the names I used on the internet. Among those names, fnfd and the1iam are the most frequently used names.

I had come across my friends' blog and saw that they link to mine (this blog) and my other friends (and more links to my friend's blog on their blog) until what I had gathered on what you see in the links section. The link is labled as follows: (name of blog, even if it is the default name or contains special characters) (full/known name of that person)

By the way, I had added about 400+ images on my Windows Live blog that I had taken from April to September 2006. I will upload more next month as i had already reached the maximum upload bandwidth for the month. Most likely images taken this month (October 2006) and the next.